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OPTIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL with DAILY LIFE FORCE ENERGY TRANSMISSIONS PLUS! Treated yellow bean seeds were given 1 Life Force Energy Transmission in a home project. See the difference!


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See what our clients are saying

"Hi Patti! I received a letter of complement from a professor who attended the workshop. I believe it was thanks to your blessing. Also i wanted to let you know that while I was responding a clinical question from a clinician , I saw the whole room covered with gold ( actually I saw like a gold implosion) The audience was complete silent when I finished to respond the question . Sounds weird but it is what I saw... Thanks!” Natalia M.

" “Patricia is one of the smartest women I know. She has dedicated her life to helping people through her knowledge of complementary medicine. She helps others rise up to meet their full potential. She is a warm compassionate healer with God-given skills. She’s helped numerous friends and family members of mine though her healings. I call her God’s gift to humanity. She has been a total blessing in my life in so many ways! What’s most impressive to me is that every time I talk with her, I learn something on a deeper level. Through her teaching and workshops, I find my knowledge and spirituality evolving. It’s an incredible experience to be a part of and I feel that I’m always moving toward a higher spiritual level. ” Joan P.

"You are incredible!! That headache was on a path to destroy my day. I was in bed and in so much pain. Now I’m up and about! It’s like my head remembers that it had a headache but it’s only about 10% of the pain I had earlier and it’s intermittent instead of constant. " Lori R.

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